Top 8 Benefits of InMotion Hosting

If you’re looking for a low-cost web hosting solution that provides a lot of excellent features, you have probably heard of InMotion.  You can get started with InMotion for as little as $3.49 per month.  The price goes up after the initial launch period has concluded (this is pretty much ubiquitous with web hosting companies), but even then you can enjoy shared hosting for just $7.99 per month.  Why consider InMotion?  Here are the top 8 benefits:

  1.  All plans included unlimited email and storage space.  Monthly data transfers are also unmetered.
  2.  With three different plans to choose from (Launch, Power, and Pro), InMotion offers plenty of flexibility for your needs.  Their prices are not the lowest in the industry, but they are still significantly more cost-effective than a lot of choices out there.
  3.  Coding is flexible as well.  You can work in PHP, Ruby, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.
  4.  There are multiple options for working with WordPress.  Either you can set it up yourself or opt in for managed WordPress hosting offered through InMotion.  The managed hosting environment is excellent and makes it a breeze to work on your blog.  Additionally, there are no data caps on WP hosting.  You get as many page views, sites, and transfers as you need.  You also get unlimited disk space.  This is not a feature you are going to find everywhere.
  5.  Look up any InMotion Hosting review, and you are bound to see glowing testimonials for the customer service team.  InMotion offers fast help through their live chat desk, and also has an efficient ticketing system which allows you to get your issues resolved via email within a matter of hours.  Support is available to InMotion customers 24/7/365.
  6.  There is a great onboarding process.  If you are new to building websites, you can find yourself more than a little confused the first time you sign up for hosting.  There are a lot of web hosting companies that won’t do a thing to help you get oriented.  InMotion however makes it easy for new users to figure out what they need to do.  You can look up information in the support center based on your goals and how you are planning to use the service.  This keeps you focused while you are searching for information.  Odds are you will be able to get answers to most of your questions without ever having to speak to an agent.
  7.  There is a lot of free stuff.  You get Google Ads, integration with Google Apps, site transfer, backups, and many other services completely free when you sign up for an InMotion account.  The free backups are a big deal.  Lots of companies charge you to either make the backups or retrieve them, and the retrieval fee can be quite hefty.
  8.  There is an amazing money-back guarantee.  The majority of hosting companies will offer you a 30-45 day money back policy if you are not satisfied with the service.  The InMotion refund guarantee period is extended to a full 90 days.  That gives you three months to get used to the service before you are committed.  And in the meantime, it is pretty hard to complain about $3.49 per month!

Is InMotion the right web host for you?  That depends on your particular needs, but they are certainly one of the most competitive hosts out there.  With top-notch customer support, a generous money-back guarantee, reasonable prices, and lots of free and intuitive features, InMotion has a great deal to offer site operators at all levels of experience.